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Unknown Years
Unknown Collection Names/Years
Unknown Colors

This list is not finished. If you know of any changes that need
to be made or can help me with missing information please let me
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Fall for NYC Collection – Fall
It Takes a West Village
Stop, Drop & Shop
Booties on Broadway
Fall for NYC
Say It Ain’t SoHo
Empire Shade of Mind

Summer Collection
All Daisy Long
Young, Wild & Me
Summer Daze
The Fuchsia
Making Harmony

Soda Pop Shop Collection – Summer
Going Steady
Out of the Jukebox
Babes in the Booth
Pin Me Pink
Cherry on Top
Drive-in & Dine

Avant-Garde Gel Couture Collection – Summer
What’s the Stitch
Exhibit A-Line
Bold Boundaries
Set the Seam

Seaglass Shimmers Collection – Summer
World is Your Oyster
You, Me & the Sea
Coral Coast
At Sea Level
Don’t Be Salty
High Tides & Dives

Resort Collection
Join the Club
I’ll Have Another
First Class Fling
Attendant to My Needs

Spring Collection
Pass-port to Sail
Anchor Down
Bon Boy-age
Stripes and Sails
Perfect Mate
At the Helm

Treat Love & Color Collection – Spring
Minimally Modest
In a Blush
Tonal Taupe
Good Lighting
Pinked to Perfection
Power Punch Pink
Indi-go For It

Enchanted Gel Couture Collection – Spring
Matter of Fiction
Princess Charming
Once Upon a Time
Daring Damsel
Good Knight

Reem Acra Wedding Gel Couture Collection – Bridal
Picture Perfect
Moments to Mrs.
Getting Intricate
Handmade of Honor
You’re Golden
Forever Family

Winter Collection
Ring in the Bling
Be Cherry!
Suit & Tied
On Your Mistletoes
New Year, New Hue

Gel Couture Holiday Collection
Diamond in the Cuff
Gold Gilding
Amethyst Noir
Rue De La Ruby
Jade to Measure
Graced in Garnet

Galaxy Metals Collection – Holiday
Stars Aligned
Reflection Perfection
Out of This World
In My Orbit
Mercury in Retrograde

Desert Mirage Collection – Winter
Less is Aura
Let it Glow
Lighten the Mood
Seeing Stars
Hazy Daze
Blue-tiful Horizon

Leathers Collection – Fall
In Hot Purse-uit
Tote-ally in Love
Back in the Saddle
Bucket List
Cross-body Heat
Push the Envelope

As If! Collection – Fall
Saved by the Belle
Knee-high Life
As If!
Girly Grunge
Dressed to the Nineties

Gel Couture Gala Bolds Collection- Summer
PR Stunt
Last Night’s Look
Living Legend
Fashion Face Off
Star Studded

Summer Collection
Éclair My Love
Baguette Me Not
Fondant of You
S’il Vous Play
Sweet Souffle

Wild Nudes Collection – Spring/Summer
Skinny Dip
Bare with Me
Wild Nude
Clothing Optional
Without a Stitch
Winning Streak

Besties Collection – Spring
Backseat Besties
Excuse Me, Sur
B’aha Moment
Designated DJ
On the Roadie
All the Wave

Resort Collection
Strike a Positano
Caio Effect
Sorrento Yourself
Resort Romanza

Gel Couture Ballet Nudes Collection – Spring
Satin Slipper
Lace Me Up
At The Barre
Hold the Position
Perfect Posture
Closing Night

Getting Groovy Collection – Winter
Party on a Platform
Getting Groovy
Ready to Boa
Oh Behave!
Go with the Flowy
Satin Sister

Kimono Over Collection – Fall
Playing Koi
Maki Me Happy
Udon Know Me
Now and Zen
Go Go Geisha

Summer Collection – Neons
The Fuchsia of Art
Off the Wall
Gallery Gal
Mark on Miami
Stencil Me In
In It to Wyn It

Slick Oil Paint Collection – Summer
Indigo to the Gallery
Jade in Manhattan
Over the Moonstone
Violet Auction

Gel Couture Collections – Summer
Gel Couture Top Coat
Atelier Collection:
Fairy Tailor
First View
Make the Cut
Pearls of Wisdom
Pinned Up
Sew Me
Sheer Fantasy
Spool Me Over
Stitch by Stitch
Take Me to Thread
Touch Up
Twill Seeker

First Look Collection:
Beauty Nap
Couture Curator
Dress Call
Haute to Trot
Pre-Show Jitters
Zip Me Up

Fashion Show Collection:
Beauty Marked
Labels Only
Looks to Thrill
Model Citizen
On the List
Rock the Runway
Signature Smile
Sit Me in Front Row
Style in Excess
Take a Walk
The It Factor

After Party Collection:
Bubbles Only
Caviar Bar
Drop the Gown
Find Me a Mannequin
Hand Up the Heels
Model Clicks
Off Duty Style
Spiked With Style
Surrounded by Studs
Turn ‘N’ Pose
Wrap Party

Summer Collection
Coconut Cove
Loot the Booty
Viva Antigua!
Berried Treasure
Hiking Heels
Tribal Text-styles

Shimmer Brights Collection – Summer
Aim to Misbehave (1,000th Shade!)
Sexy Plunge
Seen on the Scene
DJ on Board
Catch of the Day
All Hands on Deck

Tropical Lights Collection (Target Exclusive) – Summer
Sizzling Hot
Can’t Filmfest
Jewel in the Crown
Reggae and Rum
Classical Cliche

Bridal Collection
Mrs. Always-Right
Coming Together
Steal His Name
Between the Seats
Passport to Happiness
Groom Service

Resort Collection
Delhi Dance
Going Guru
Nama-stay The Night

Lounge Lover Collection – Spring
High Class Affair
Lounge Lover
Sunshine State of Mind
Off Tropic
Pool Side Service
Shades On

Retro Revival Collection – 35th Anniversary
Starry Starry Night
Life of the Party
Bikini with a Martini
Sequin Sash
Birthday Suit
Cabana Boy

Luxeffects Collection – Winter
Fringe Factor
Frilling Me Softly
Fashion Flares
Tassel Shaker

Virgin Snow Collection – Winter
Virgin Snow
Apres Chic
Peak Snow
Altitude Attitude
Shall We Chalet?
Haute Tub

Leggy Legend Collection – Fall
Leggy Legend
Color Binge
With the Band
In the Lobby
Bell-Bottom Blues
Frock n’ Roll

Cashmere Matte Brights – Summer Ulta Exclusive
Hip Tide
Soft as Sand
Sea the Sights

Summer Collection – Neons
All Access Pass
Melody Maker
Groove is in the Heart
Make Some Noise
Vibrant Vibes

Silk Water Collection – Summer
Blush Stroke
Art New-Beau
Muse, Myself
Pen & Inky
Point Of Blue
No Shrinking Violet
Highest Bidder
Love Sheen
White Page

Peach Side Babe Collection – Summer
Private Weekend
Peach Side Babe
Sunset Sneaks
Salt Water Happy

Bridal Collection
Tying the Knottie
Hubby For Dessert
Worth the Wait
Brides to Be
Brides No Grooms
Happy Wife Happy Life

Spring Collection
Perennial Chic
Picked Perfect
Blossom Dandy
Garden Variety
Petal Pushers

Resort Collection
Cocoa Karma
Time For Me Time
Stones N Roses
Suite Retreat

Cashmere Matte Collection – Spring
Wrap Me Up
All Eyes on Nudes
Cozy In Cashmere
Just Stitched
Coat Couture
Spun in Luxe

Luxeffects Collection – Winter
Rock at the Top (new color)
Summit of Style (new color)
Set in Stones
Penny Talk
Good as Gold
No Place Like Chrome

Jiggle Hi, Jiggle Low Collection – Winter
Jiggle Hi, Jiggle Low
Tuck it in my Tux
Back in the Limo
Bump up the Pumps
Double Breasted Jacket
Jump in my Jumpsuit

BCA Collection – Pinking About You
Pinking About You
I Pink I Can
Pink Happy

Dress to Kilt Collection – Fall
Dress to Kilt
Partner in Crime
Style Cartel
The Perfect Cover Up
Fall in Line
Take it Outside

Haute in the Heat Collection – Summer
Haute in the Heat
Strut Your Stuff
Ruffles & Feathers
Fierce No Fear
Urban Jungle

Summer Collection – Neons
Too Taboo
Chills & Thrills
Vices Versa
I’m Addicted
Sittin’ Pretty
Serial Shopper

Wedding Collection – She Said Yes
She Said Yes
Meet the Parents
Got Engaged!
Love Every Minute

Hide & Go Chic Collection – Spring
Fashion Play Ground
Hide & Go Chic
Romper Room
Spin the Bottle
Style Hunter
Truth or Flare

Resort Fling Collection – Spring
Find Me An Oasis
Cocktails & Coconuts
Under The Twilight
Resort Fling

Essie Encrusted Treasures Collection – Holiday
Peak of Chic
On A Silver Platter
Lots of Lux
Ignite the Night
Hors D’oeuvres

Winter Luxeffects Collection
New additions:
Jazzy Jubliant
Sparkle on Top
Original Colors:
As Gold As It Gets
A Cut Above
Pure Pearlfection
Set in Stones
Stroke of Brilliance

Winter Collection – Shearling Darling
Shearling Darling
Sable Collar
Mind Your Mittens
Toggle To The Top
Parka Perfect
Warm & Toasty Turtleneck

BCA Collection – Pink About It
Pink About It
Pink Works

Fall Collection – For the Twill of It
After School Boy Blazer
Cashmere Bathrobe
For the Twill of It
The Lace is On
Twin sweater set
Vested interest

Summer Collection – Big Pony (Ralph Lauren Collaboration)
#1 blue
#2 pink
#3 yellow
#4 purple

Summer Collection – Naughty Nautical
Naughty Nautical
The More the Merrier
Sunday Funday
Full Steam Ahead
The Girls are Out
Rock the Boat

Bridal Collection
Using My Maiden Name
No Baggage Please
Meet Me at the Altar
My Better Half

Summer Collection – Neons
“Bouncer, It’s Me!”
Bottle Service
DJ Play That Song
Shake Your $$ Maker
Saturday Disco Fever
Boom Boom Room

Resort Collection – In the Cab-ana
Come Here!
First Timer
In the Cab-ana
Under Where?
Nice Package

Spring Collection – Madison Ave-hue
Avenue Maintain
Bond With Whomever
Go Ginza
Madison Ave-Hue
Maximillian Strasse Her

Repstyle Collection
Lil Boa Peep
Snake it Up
Snake Rattle and Roll

Winter Collection – Leading Lady
Leading Lady
Beyond Cozy
Butler Please
She’s Pampered
Snap Happy
Where’s My Chauffeur?

BCA Collection – We’re in it Together
Good Morning Hope
I am Strong
We’re In It Together

Fall Collection – Yogaga
Boxer Shorts
Gym Dandy
Pilates Hottie
Spinning Again

Fall Collection – Stylenomics
Don’t Sweater It
Miss Fancy Pants
Skirting The Issue

Luxeffects – Stroke of Brilliance
Stroke of Brilliance

Summer Collection – Mirror Metallics
Blue Rhapsody
Good as Gold
No Place Like Chrome
Nothing Else Metals
Penny Talk

Summer Collection – Bikini So Teeny
All Tied Up
Bikini So Teeny
Cascade Cool
Fear of Desire
Mojito Madness
Off the Shoulder

Summer Collection – Poppy-razzi

Summer Collection – Resort
No More Film
She’s Picture Perfect
Sure Shot

Wedding Collection – Love & Acceptance
Instant Hot
Like to be Bad
Love & Acceptance
Who is the Boss

Spring Collection – Navigate Her
A Crewed Interest
Orange, It’s Obvious
Navigate Her
Ole Caliente
To Buy or Not To Buy
Tour de Finance

Spring Collection – Go Overboard
Armed & Ready
Go Overboard
Play Date

Holiday Collection – Dive Bar
Dive Bar
Jamaica Me Crazy
Over The Top
Sexy Divide
Steel-ing The Scene
Trophy Wife

Color-holic Collection
Beach Bum Blu
Devil’s Advocate
Dive Bar
Jamaica Me Crazy
Master Plan
Miami Nice
Oui Madame
Trophy Wife

Holiday Collection – Luxeffects
A Cut Above
As Gold As It Gets
Pure Pearlfection
Set in Stones
Shine of the Times

Winter Collection – Cocktail Bling
Bangle Jangle
Bobbing for Baubles
Brooch the Subject
Cocktail Bling
School of Hard Rocks
Size Matters

Fall Collection – Brand New Bag
Case Study
Essie Carry On
Glamour Purse
Lady Like
Power Clutch
Very Structured

Summer Collection – Resort
Da Bush
Fair Game
Lion Around
Your Hut or Mine

Summer Collection – Brazilliant
Absolutely Shore
Meet Me at Sunset
Smooth Sailing
Super Boss Nova
Too Too Hot

Wedding Collection – Borrowed & Blue
Better Together
Borrowed & Blue
First Dance
Made to Honor

Spring Collection – French Affair
Coat Azure
French Affair
Kisses & Bises
Nice is Nice
Sand Tropez
Topless & Barefoot

Winter Collection
Going Incognito
Hot Coco
Masquerade Belle
Silken Cord
Smokin’ Hot

BCA – We Can Do it Pink!
We Can Do it Pink!

Fall Collection
In Stitches
Limited Addiction
Little Brown Dress
Merino Cool
Sew Psyched
Velvet Voyeur

Summer Collection
Demure Vixen
Haute as Hello
Knockout Pout
Miss Matched
Pretty Edgy

Summer Collection – Resort
Lapis of Luxury
Playa Del Platinum
Splash of Grenadine
Turquoise & Caicos

Spring Collection – Art of Spring
Neo Whimsical
Pop Art Pink
Red Nouveau
Tart Deco
Van D’Go

Bridal Collection – Love and Color
BFF Best Boyfriend
Main Squeeze
Petal Pink
Pillow Talk
Show Me The Ring
Walk Down The Aisle

Winter Collection – Sweet Time of Year
Mint Candy Apple
Rock Candy

BCA – Yes We Can Pink!
Yes We Can Pink!

Fall Collection – Loves Diamonds
Heart My JR Jewels 117
Queen of Hearts 121
Put a Ripka Ring On It 119

Fall Collection – Cuddle with Color
Angora Cardi
Bright Tights
Midnight Cami
Mink Muffs
Pink Parka

Summer Collection – Neons
Flirty Fuchsia
Funky Limelight
Perky Purple
Punchy Pink

Summer Collection – I Dream in Color
Chubby Cheeks
Cute As A Button
Funny Face
Lovie Dovie
Luscious Lips
Not Just a Pretty Face

Spring Collection – North Fork
Sag Harbor
Shelter Island

Spring Collection
Eternal Optimist
Lacquered Up
One of a Kind
Status Symbol

Winter Collection
Bold & Beautiful
Damsel in a Dress
It’s Genius
Rock Star Skinny
Sexy Divide
Shifting Power

Fall Collection – Color is my Obsession
Big Spender
Forever Young
Lacy Not Racy
No Boundries
Swept Off My Feet
Tomboy No More

Summer Collection – Neons
Bermuda Shorts
Mini Shorts
Short Shorts
Shorty Pants

Summer Collection
Guilty Pleasures
Movers and Shakers
My Place or Yours
Risky Business
Secret Stash

Spring Collection
Body Language
Great Expectations
Hard to Get
Hi Maintenance
Looking for Love
Secret Affair

Bridal Collection
Blushing Bride
Cloud Nine
Happily Ever After
No Pre-Nup
Tie the Knot
True Love

Winter Collection
Nude Attitude
Over the Top
Who’s She Red
Steel-ing the Scene
Wrapped in Rubies

Fall Collection
Alligator Purse
Bags to Riches
Decadent Diva
Handle With Flair
Material Girl
Turning Heads Red

Summer Collection – It’s Better in the Bahamas
Atlantis Pearl
Bahama Mama
Island Hopping
Jumpin’ Junkanoo
Lyford Lilac
The Cove Coper

Summer Collection
Below the Belt
Click it or Ticket
Huckle Buckle
It’s a Cinch

Spring Collection – Starting Over
E-nuff is E-nuff
My Way
Pinking Up The Pieces
Red-y Set Ex
Starter Wife
Wife Goes On

Spring Collection
Guchi Muchi Puchi (also known as Muchi, Muchi)
Jackie Oh My
Mini How High
Mod Squad

Winter Collection
Bungle Jungle
Congo Bongo
Monkey Business
Wild Thing

Fall Collection
Be Right Bag
Big Bang Theory
Clutch Me If You Can
It’s in the Bag
Rock the Croc
Sassy Satchel

25th Anniversary Collection
Anniversary Gala
Bachelorette Bash
Cocktail Hour
Formal Affair
Real Simple

Summer Collection
Bikini with a Martini
China Doll
Spaghetti Strap

Spring Collection
Heavenly Sunset
My Private Cabana
Need a Vacation
Pink Glove Service
Room with a View
Sandy Beach

Winter Collection
National Velvet
Pouf Daddy
Sequin Sash
Sophisticated Lady
Tennis Corset

Fall Collection
Foot Loose
Over the Knee
Sole Mate
Stepp’n Out
Thigh High

Summer Collection – The Cruise
Cruise Control
Fun Ships
Life Saver
Princess Pink

Summer Collection – Summer in the City
Cabana Boy
Café Forgot
Expose Your Toes
Fit Me On the Jitney
Iced Chai Latte

Spring Collection – Bare Necessities
Au Natural
Moon Struck
Skin Deep
Vanity Fairest
Wiggle Room

Winter Collection – Frozen Assets
Deep Pockets
Double Indemnity
Hot Commodity
Poor Lil’ Rich Girl

Fall Collection – Luscious
After Sex
Berry Hard
Double Dip
Lady Godiva
Poppie Cock
Sweet Tart

Summer Collection – Summertime
Beach Party
Clam Bake
Nude Beach
Vinyl Bikini

Summer Collection – Some Like It Hot
Not Now!
Red Hot Mama
You’re Fired

Spring Collection – Madison Ave
Chic Boutique
Pink Diamond
Power Lunch
Shop till I Drop
Sugar Daddy

Winter Collection – You’re Invited
Brilliant Ball Gown
Red Carpet Glam
Runway Reality
Too Cute Suit
Well Proportioned

Fall Collection – Manhattan Hip
Downtown Brown
Fancy Delancey
Soho Nude
Times Red Square
Uptown Taupe

Visions of Hope – BCA
Pink Ribbon

Summer Collection – Hamptons
Dune Road
East Hampton Cottage
Montauke the End
Picket Fence
Potato Fields
South of the Hi’way

Spring Collection – Central Park
Bike Ride
Boat House
Carousel Coral
Fifth Avenue
Lily Pond
Plaza Sweet

Winter Collection – Party
A-List 434
Leave it to Diva 436
Life of the Party 437
Mix it Up 438
Political Party 439
Happy Hour 435

Fall Collection – GoGo
Cabi-o-lait 428
Fondala Gondola 429
Moda Scoota 430
Orient X-presso 431
Vava Vroom 432
Viva la Vespa 433

Summer Collection – Summer Balls
Adore-A-Ball 422
Allure 423
Ball-Timore 424
Curve Ball 425
Meet-Balls 426
Unforget-A-Ball 427

Spring Collection – Flower Power
Cup Cakes 416
Flower Girl 417
Forget Me Nots 418
Glamour 419
Tranquility 420
Virgin Orchid 421

Pizza Delivery Collection
Brick Oven 410
Margherita 411
Pepperoni 412
Porcini 413
Primavera 414
Tartufo 415

Priority Collection
Urban Express 409
Fed Up 404
Overnight 405
Red Label 406
Select 407
Up’s 408

Summer Wear Collection
Charmeuse 398
Marabou 399
Mint Chintz 400
Natural Cotton 401
Pure Chiffon 402
Silk Crepe 403

Rave Revue Collection
Critic’s Choice 392
Encore 393
Opening Act 394
Preview 395
Standing Ovation 396
Variety 397

The Main Event Collection
Can’t Filmfest 386
Final Answer
Oscar Please
Sold Out Show 390
VIP 391

Wicked 249

Asian Exclusive
Licorice 056

The original collection had twelve colors, but these were not named. Six were retired and the other six were named and became the core collection. Baby’s Breath, Blanc, and Bordeaux are the only original colors still being produced today. (**Thank you Abbi for the information!**)
Autumn Leaves
Baby’s Breath 005
Black Cherry 009
Blanc 010
Bordeaux 012

Unknown Years
(These are known colors but the release years are unknown.)
Glaze Her’s Collection
Apricot Fizz 356
Burgundy Syrup 357
Cherry Pop 358
Grape Crush 359
Night Cap 360
Raspberry Seltzer 361

Patty Cakes Collection
Angel Food 374
Baby Cakes 375
Blueberry Crumb 376
Key Lime Pie 377
Pound Cake 378
Strawberry Shortcake 379

Misc Colors
African Violet
Amalfi 344
Antique Rose 338
Aruba Blue 280
Asian Amethyst
Backgammon Bronze
Ballet Slippers 162 (1982?)
Barbados Blue 281
Barbuda Banana 271
Bashful Beige
Berry Hard
Big Dipper 314
Bing-O-Cherry 232
Bit a Sweet Mauve
Boca Ratanned 315
Bonds Beige 350
Brandie Alexander 218
Brassy Bronze 284
Breezy Beach 212
Brownie Points 250
Burma Ruby 285
Buy Me a Cameo 286
California Coral 015
Camel Hair
Canary Diamond
Cantaloupe 016
Canyon Coral 017
Cap Ferrat 345
Capri 346
Carnival 270
Cherry Bomb 019
Cherry Pie
Chips No Potatoes 316
Chocolate Kisses 252
Coconut Grove
Como 347
Coral Reef 024
Crème Brulée
Crushed Berries
Curtain Call 320
Decadent Dish 087
Delicacy 229
Delightful Delilah
Devil’s Food
Dominica Green
Dress Rehearsal 321
E Live! From the Red Carpet
Eighteen Carrot 33
Fiesta 037
Fiji 348
Fine Red Wine 289
Fleur de Lis
Foxy Brown
Fruit Sangria 165
Futures French 351
Garnet 042
Geranium 043
Gig Merlot 327
Gladioli 258
Glass Slippers 453
Glorious Glow
Grammy Cracker
Great Balls of Fire
Grenada Grey
Guadeloupe Opal 277
Hoe Down Brown
Honey Bun 050
Hot Tamales
Hotsee Totsee 235
Imported Champagne 290
In the Mood
Intimate 259
It’s Delicate 265
Jam N’ Jelly 169
Jelly Apple 054
Keno Taupeo 309
Laced Up Bootie
Like Linen 231
Li-Lite 057
Loafing Around
Long Stem Roses 148
Lot of Latte
Love, Beverly Hills
Macks 352
Mango Bango
Marshmallow 063
Martini Cocoa
Martinique Mauve 273
Mauve-ing Along 240
Melon Colada
Mistique Pink 274
Mon Cherie 069
Moonlight Mauve
Munis Mauve 353
Naked Truth 322
Naughty n’ Nice 246
Nice Ice 267
Nutcracker Sweet 209
Nutmeg 340
Options Pink 354
Orchid Oasis 180
Pachinko Pale 310
Pacific Rim Red
Pansy 074
Papparico 236
Parisian Pink
Peach Daiquiri 076
Pearly White 079
Pink Lemonade 082
Pink Panther
Plumberry 292
Porto Cervo 173
Precious Pink 085
Pretty in Pink 167
Prima Ballerina 323
Primrose 086
Prudence & The Prune
Raisinnuts 254
Raspberry 089
Really Red 090
Red Diamond 091
Red Hots 093
Red Pepper 094
Red Snapper
Romantic Rose
Rose Bowl 342
Ruby Slippers 454
Russian Roulette 182
Saba Silver
Sand of a Beach 319
Santa Fe Mauve 102
Scarlett O’Hara 104
Scribble Scrabble
Sea Breeze 343
Sheer Bliss 269
Shocker in Pinktown
Soiree Mauvee 329
Sour Grapes
St. Barth’s Blue 275
St. Lucia Lilac 279
St. Martin Mint 276
Starry Starry Night 295
Sterling Silver 288
Stoplight Red
Strawberry Sorbet
Sugar Cane 256
Sugar n’ Spice
Sway Date
Sweet Redvenge 184
Sweetie Pie 324
Swing Velvet 331
Tangerine 116
T-Bills Putty 355
Tea & Crumpets 325
Terra Cotta
Tic Tac Doe
Tiny Wine-ey 255
Tobacco Road 294
Valentine Red
Very Cranberry 262
Wacky Wicked 257
Watermelon 127
Well Red 237
Whisper 263
Winter Wonderland
Wrap it Once

Unknown Collection Names/Years
Metals Themed Collection
Golden Nuggets 198
Silver Bullions 199

Musical Instruments Themed Collection
Bass Fiddle 296
Heavenly Harp 297
Piano 298
Trombone 299
Trumpet 300
Violin 301

Music Themed Collection
Classical 302
Lullaby 303
Jazz 304
Opera 305
Pop 306
Reggae 307

Dance Themed Collection
Cha Cha 332
Charleston 333
Lambada 334
Mambo 335
Tango 336
Waltz 337

Drink Themed Collection
Apertif 362
Cognac 363
Port 364
Spritzer 365
Vermouth 366
Vintage Wine 367

Money Themed Collection
A Lot of Shekels 368
Dramatic Drachmas 369
Exotic Liras 370
French Francs 371
Glitzy Guilders 372
Mucho Dinero 373

Burlesque/Dancing Themed Collection
Can Can 380
Fishnet Stockings 381
Follies 382
Innocent 383
Mademoiselle 384
Ooh La La 385

Unknown Colors
(Not sure if these colors exist.  I haven’t found any evidence that they do.)
Always Happy
Angel Pink
Apple Sauce
Barely There
Birthday Suit
Bowl of Cherries
Buck Wheat
Cactus Flower
Candy Cane
Casa de Coral
Chilled Wine
Chutney Chili
Classique Coral
Cotton Candy
Country Road
Cream Puff
Crimson & Clover
Demurely Mauve
Double Trouble
Dreamy Creamy
Dusty Mauve
Earth, Wind and Fire
Fabulous Fuchsia
Forever Fuchsia
French Poppy
French Toast
Funky Monkey
Golden Pond
Good & Plenty
Grappa Grape
Gypsy Rose Lee
Hawaiian Punch
Hillbillie Red
Hot Fudge Sundae
Hot Tomato
I Do
Inc Pink
In the Buff
Jeweled Suede
Lemon Meringue
Lil’ Red Riding Hood
Lily Langtree
Long Island Iced Tea
Lovely Lavender
Luscious Lilac
Magenta Flambé
Majestic Mauve
Mandarin Ice
Mauve Java
Mediterranean Mauve
Merry Berry
Misty Mauve
Morning Glory
Mud Puddle
Navajo Trail
Orange Squeeze
Palest Pink Ever
Papaya King
Passion Fruit
Peach Cobbler
Peach Melba
Peaches n’ Cream
Peppermint Pink
Persian Pink
Piping Hot
Poker Mocha
Prim & Proper
Prune Face
Pumpkin Pie
Pure Rare Eternal
Purple Rain
Raising Raisins
Rambling Rose
Razzi Dazzi
Red Buttons
Redford Red
Rose Garden
Rosie Posie
Salmon Soufflé
Sami Cider
Senitimental Red
Set It Quick
Shocking Pink
Sizzling Hot
South Seas Pearl
Spring Bouquet
Star Ruby
Sunkissed Red
Supreme Plum
Taxi Cab
Tea Rose
Think Pink
Tickled Pink
Tokyo Rose
Treasure Hunt
Tropical Sunset
Twinkle Toes
Twixt n’ Tween
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41 thoughts on “Essie Collections List

    • I hope she updates too! I collect the older essie’s (80s and 90s), and I think I can identify their earliest themed collection ( a few essie’s sequentially numbered under 100 that are obviously related). I’d love to collaborate with her list, as I’ve got some early essie’s not mentioned anywhere on the web, including this list! It’s been an amazing resource for identification – I’m here nearly every day 😭

  1. Hope you are well!
    I picked up a bottle of L’Orangerie (260), a warm toned poppy red orange, on your unknown colors list. It’s so gorgeous! Wish I could figure out the release date for it. If you have any tips on year identifiers, let me know!
    It has a smooth, non-embossed discreet bottle, with the only marking being the bottom sticker. What throws me off is that it was distributed in Lynbrook instead of Astoria, which makes me think it is quite early! Seems like the only shred of existence online is your page here and the eBay listing I got it from!

  2. Omg you’re an angel!!! Exactly what I was looking for, since the main Essie website only goes back a couple of collections which is not very helpful when you want to go further back into their history! 👏☺️

  3. I actually put these into a spreadsheet and took out the duplicates (the colors you weren’t sure if they existed, some of them had already been put into their collections, etc) and also reordered the names so the numbers came first. I was able to figure out where some of the missing polishes seemed to go. I can also say that once essie hit the mass market, the numbering system has definitely gone out the window. If you are interested in seeing the spreadsheet, to help clean up some of the unknowns and group some of the themed collections, let me know. This is a great resource and I really enjoy it.
    Also, you can add “Oui Madame” as #32 (032). I haven’t swatched it yet but it just came into my hands.

      • This has been so amazingly helpful for me, just wanted to say thank you!!
        Also the Lounge Lover 2016 one is Shade On not Shades On, but that’s not really a big difference 🙂

  4. Hi! I cannot thank you enough for this amazing compilation. I only started collecting Essie in 2012, but I have every color that’s come out since then and a good handful from before. I’m a little obsessed 🙂
    I had a few updates and questions I wanted to note. ‘E-nuf is e-nuf’ only has one f now. From what I can tell it looks like it used to be spelled with two though. ‘Mesmerize’ is now ‘mezmerised’. Again, it looks like this is a change and it used to be different. ‘Lapis of luxury’ should be ‘lapiz of luxury’. I can confirm mod square was renamed from mod squad. I don’t know the history of the rename, although i believe it had to do with the L’Oréal purchase like many other of their minor name changes. Also, I have a color called ‘berry naughty’ which I don’t see listed. It may be the same as ‘berry hard’? I cannot confirm that at all. Lastly, I wanted to add the color ‘barefoot in blue’. It was a collaboration with Toms shoe company for their ‘one day without shoes’ event in 2012. Essie and Toms gave away 15,000 bottles of the limited addition color for free.
    Thanks again for all your efforts! I would seriously be lost without this resource.

    • Hi! I’m very interested in documenting every single essie nail polish. Do you think I can convince you to send me pictures of the labels of all your nail polishes, to see the name and number? The numbers are especially hard to find…

  5. Ok last comment I promise 😉 It’s spelled “Recessionista” and not “Ressionista”… And “Guchi Muchi Puchi” also goes under the name “Muchi Muchi”, thought you might want to add it? 🙂

  6. Hey! I’m missing “Decadent Dish” from your list. Also a few corrections: it’s “Miss Fancy Pants”, not just “Fancy Pants”, and it’s “Peach daiquiri” not “Peach Daquiri”. Keep up the awesome work! Your blog is my holy grail 😀

  7. I have two that I believe are not on this list, Mod Square… which is different than Mod Squad unless there was a typo on here or the bottle…. and Forever Yummy which is like a pink/red! I bought both recently at Walmart.

    • I looked into both, can’t figure out Mod Square yet. It seems that Forever Yummy is another name for Forever Young from Fall 2008 because they have the same number (656).

      • Also actually, in 2017 you’re missing the Fesch-ionista Oktoberfest Collection. I don’t know all of the shades in it but I have Janker Chic 508 and Fesch-ionista 510 but I’m sure Google would give you the rest 🙂
        Also the 2018 Concrete Glitters Collection, I have 574 Stay Up Slate and 577 Night Owl but I know there’s 6 in that collection because I looked them up sometime last year, I don’t remember all the names though.

  8. Hi Abbi, I’m sorry I haven’t been back to this site in quite some time to read the message. Unfortunately I no longer have any of the polishes from back then. I am a compulsive ‘thrower-outer’ lol and am always cleaning out things. Perhaps they may pop-up on ebay though, I feel as though I’ve seen them when I did a search. However, I’d be hesitant to wear any polish from that time frame because the still had the ingredients that have now been banned. I think it’s really cool that you collect vintage polish!

  9. I have an essie polish named “Milky Way” which is a J Crew exclusive. I think there is another J Crew exclusive named “Peep Show” too. Didn’t find them on your list 😉

  10. This is an amazing compilation. I very much appreciate all the work that went into this creating this reference. I remember wearing Martini Cocoa, Like Linen, Baby’s Breath and Swing Velvet in the late 90s. I discovered your site trying to figure out when Fiji debuted and I see it must be one of the older shades now. I know it is permanent along with A-list and Bordeaux my other staples. Would you happen to know which 42 shades are part of the permanent collection? Do you know if Style Hunter or Urban Jungle are part of the permanent line? Thanks so much for all your effort.

    • Urban Jungle has been discontinued and just this summer Essie Canada was taking a poll on their Instagram (I saw this from Sr Stylist Rita Remark) to see which color you would like them to bring back. Style Cartel and Starry Starry Night were among the requests. Since you had Essie in the 1990s, are there any you saved and don’t want anymore/ would be willing to let go (dried out or not)? I am becoming a novice collector!

  11. Thanks for posting this list. I recently got into nail polish collecting and Essie is one of the brands I would like to build. This list is very helpful in not missing any treasures 🙂

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