Pseudo Silk Kimono Dupe Alert

I love the new Silk Collection by Deborah Lippmann, but I didn’t want to pay so much for a matte polish that just doesn’t last.  I already had a white polish and a matte topcoat, so all I needed to make a dupe of Pseudo Silk Kimono was a frosted white color.  It was hard to find just the right one.  Pseudo is a bit on the bluer side than most of the frosted white colors I found.  Pure Ice’s Platinum was perfect.  So to make a dupe you need one coat of a good opaque white (like Correction Tape by Spoiled), a frosted white color, and a matte topcoat.  Make sure you let each coat dry completely before adding the next.


And now for the comparison…
Can you tell which two fingers are Pseudo Silk Kimono and which two are my dupe creation? No? Neither can I! I don’t remember which is which! So I think it’s a pretty good dupe to me… 🙂

Hard Candy Beetle Swatch

I recently learned that Hard Candy is discontinuing a lot of their products.  They are discontinuing the entire Just Nails line.  I’ve been putting off buying Beetle because I thought it was going to be around for a while.  So I went to a few Walmarts and finally found it.  The Hard Candy displays here are half empty (now I know why).  If you like duochromes, you will love this one.  It’s such a stunner!  Below is 1-4 coats from left to right and two swatches of 3 coats on all nails.