Ever forget that one nail polish you saw? I do all the time. So I am making an online wishlist to remember all those amazing colors.  I will also be posting swatches.  And I’m in the process of making collection lists for OPI, Essie, Butter London, China Glaze and Zoya.

8 thoughts on “About”

  1. How can I get a Color I really loved that they no longer sell in stores and amazon has it for $19 which is too much for nail polish that wasnt that expensive when they did sell it?

  2. If I had China Glaze polishes that you don’t have on your list, would you be interested in cataloguing them? And thank you so much for making these lists, they’ve helped me organize my collection so much!

  3. Hello!!
    I am looking for some Chanel colors but I didi’t find it on yuor list. Can you help me whit the name of teh collection or the release date?
    Here the names; Intention, Expression and Exception.
    Thank you so much!!!

  4. This list is AWESOME! China Glaze is my favorite polish, and your list is going to help me buy more!

  5. paintandclick said:

    Thanks babes, I forgt the name of the set with Stroke of Midnight and Belle of the Ball. Woot! Thanks for saving this because I thought I could remember all these old ones and obviously… not!

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