How I Store My Collection

I’ve seen many bloggers store their nail polish collections in custom racks, wall shelves, drawer systems, and many other ways.  There are some ways you don’t want to store your polish:

1. In the fridge – It is best to store nail polish in a cool, not cold, consistent temperature.  Nail polish is mixed at room temperature, so there is a possibility that the pigments could separate from the rest of the solution if kept too cold.  Also, taking it in and out of the fridge is too drastic for your precious polish and may thicken it over time.

2. In the bathroom – Since nail polish likes a consistent temperature, the bathroom isn’t a good place for storage either.  Your shower/bath creates moisture which changes the temperature in your bathroom.

3. Near sunlight –  UV light and the heat of the sunlight can cause the chemicals in your polish to separate.  It can also fade or even change the color overtime.

4.  Keep upright – Polish can settle in the cap, making it difficult to open later.  I have thrown away a few bottles because of this because I couldn’t get the darn things open!

I’d love to buy the fancy drawer systems some people use, but I just don’t have the room.  So I came up with a simple and inexpensive way of storing my polish.  I bought the KASSETT box from Ikea.  And when I run out of space, I just buy some more boxes.  The ones I bought were $4 for two boxes.  So how you store your polish?



CoverGirl Black Heat Swatch

Black Heat is from CoverGirl’s Capitol Collection in honor of the Hunger Games movie Catching Fire. The color has a black base with tons of small green glass flecks.  This is what I wanted China Glaze’s Smoke and Ashes to look like.  First coat is very streaky, but the other two level off nicely.  Two coats can work, but I go for three for a deeper color.