Heaven Ruby Swatch

Heaven’s Ruby is a thick red jelly with dense glitter.  I found this at Alberstons a while back.  The formula is super smooth and extremely pigmented.  It is perfect in just one coat.  This is a definite Christmastime color.


Collection Pictures Coming Soon…..

I worked hard on my collection lists and I’m glad to see so many people are finding them.  And I really appreciate those who have helped to add or change things.  Next up, I have been working really hard on a gallery of pictures for the list.  So in the future, you’ll be able to click on the collection title and see a picture of the collection.  I will be letting you all know when each brand has been finished.  It’s going to take me a while, but well worth it!

Confetti Fruit Smoothie Swatch

Too bad no one carries Confetti polishes anymore.  You used to be able to get it at CVS, but was discontinued this summer.  Fruit Smoothie was my favorite so I bought another bottle when I found out it was no longer going to be available.  It is similar to Sally Hansen’s Caribbean Coral but without the shimmer.  It’s a perfect coral and the formula is great.  I never tried any of the other colors, but I’m wishing I had.