Butter London Old Blighty Swatch

Another Butter London swatch from my birthday haul.  This is one to three coats (from left to right).  This went on smooth, but the formula is quite thin.  Marrow was thin also, so I’m wondering if their creams are usually thin. I would recommend three coats because of some slight balding close to the cuticle, just like Marrow.


Butter London Marrow Swatch

This is the second swatch from my birthday haul.  I’m not a purple fan but Marrow is beautiful.  It’s a deep muted purple.  There is silver shimmer in the bottle, but doesn’t show up on the nail.  This formula is very thin and streaky, but three coats turned out to be smooth and opaque.  At two coats it had bad balding at the cuticle.  Maybe i was applying the second coat too slowly or too soon, but three coats fixed it. With Ulta Base Coat and Out the Door Top Coat, this lasted four days before the tips started to barely chip.  By then I was ready for a new color.

butterlondonmarrow1 butterlondonmarrow2

Butter London Gobsmacked Swatch

I was wanting this polish as soon as I saw swatches online.  It is so amazing!  It’s like ground up diamonds on your nails.  The formula was a little goopy but just go slow when applying.  It is quite sheer, not what it looked like in the bottle but you could always layer it over a black polish.  I like it by itself in two coats.  I am a fan of the visible nail line, but for those that don’t, three is just right.  I used Ulta Base Coat and Out the Door Top Coat.  It lasted three days before it started to chip.  I have several pictures to show you.  The first three are to show the different number of coats, from one to four coats.  There is not much difference between three and four coats.  The last picture is to show the wear after three days.  I have a toddler and wash my hands quite often throughout the day, so three days is amazing!

butterlondongobsmacked1 butterlondongobsmacked2 butterlondongobsmacked3 butterlondongobsmacked4